Our Success Stories

Strategic Insights from Our Digital Marketing Campaigns

Danske Bank

Expanding Web Presence and Customer Base:

  • Challenge: Danske Bank struggled to enhance its online visibility and reach a wider customer base in the competitive financial sector.
  • Strategy: Implemented an advanced SEO strategy focused on high-impact keywords and the creation of authoritative, finance-centered content.
  • Result: The campaign led to a 55% increase in organic search traffic and a 40% rise in customer engagement, significantly boosting Danske Bank’s online presence in its market.

Helena Rubinstein

Brand Revitalization and Digital Engagement:

  • Challenge: Helena Rubinstein needed to revitalize its brand and strengthen digital engagement in the rapidly evolving beauty industry.
  • Strategy: Launched an extensive digital marketing campaign using social media platforms and influencer partnerships to enhance brand reach and engagement.
  • Result: Achieved an 80% increase in online brand awareness and a 65% boost in social media engagement, successfully positioning Helena Rubinstein in the digital landscape.


Comprehensive Digital Strategy and Market Penetration:

  • Challenge: Allergan aimed to deepen its market penetration and enhance its digital strategy for better customer acquisition.
  • Strategy: Developed an integrated digital marketing plan, combining targeted SEO, PPC campaigns, and strategic content marketing.
  • Result: This led to a 50% increase in web-based lead generation and a 35% rise in customer conversion rates, achieving significant market penetration for Allergan.

Ballast Nedam

Reputation Management and Brand Building:

  • Challenge: Ballast Nedam needed to strengthen its brand reputation and establish a stronger online presence in the construction industry.
  • Strategy: Initiated a reputation management campaign focused on positive brand messaging and customer engagement on digital platforms.
  • Result: This led to a 45% improvement in brand perception and a 30% increase in online engagement, securing Ballast Nedam’s reputation in the market.


Audience Growth and Engagement:

  • Challenge: ERR/ETV+ aimed to expand its online audience and increase digital content engagement.
  • Strategy: Implemented a content-based digital strategy focused on creating audience-targeted content and multi-platform distribution.
  • Result: Successfully increased the online audience and doubled digital content engagement rates, significantly boosting ERR/ETV+’s online presence.

Fort Aero AS

Content and Social Media Strategy:

  • Challenge: Fort Aero AS required a robust digital footprint and global audience engagement.
  • Strategy: Developed a customized content and social media strategy focusing on industry-specific topics and global audience engagement.
  • Result: This approach led to a 70% increase in global online presence and a 50% rise in international engagement, effectively expanding Fort Aero AS’s digital influence.

Each of these success stories demonstrates our ability to adapt and apply digital marketing skills across various industries, achieving significant improvements in online visibility, audience engagement, and brand strengthening.

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