Go cloud

Cloud services by JINN.ee

You focus on core business

We migrate all your services to the cloud within months. A large amount of resources in the cloud can serve you business.

Cost-effective investment and maintenance

Reduce the need to invest in manpower, materials, research and development.

Secure and reliable

Comprehensive services and stable performance secure your data in the cloud.

Big Data Analysis

Efficient development and cost-effective storage and computing

Enhanced business efficiency

Analyze all logs using SQL to enhance business efficiency x 5.

Improved storage efficiency

Reduce the storage and computing costs by 70% and improve the performance and stability.

Easy application of big data

Multiple open-source options for easy migration to the cloud.

Refine Management

Efficient use of large amounts of data for the refined management of millions of users. Extract the best value from large amounts of user data to improve UX.

Improved business insight

Easily manage millions of users.

Data-based business

Analysis and monitoring of business data to enhance business efficiency.

Quick response to business demands

Scale and grow!

Data-driven marketing

Process and analyze large amounts of data, enjoy a comprehensive big data service. Build up your data-based business capability and achieve financial gains from big data.


The ability to process and analyze large amounts of data

Quickly process and analyze the large amounts of collected data.

Big data analysis and data agility

In a constantly changing marketplace, you need to create analysis reports based on the transaction records that are generated seconds ago.

Big data-based business insights

We help branded vendors discover new business values.

Big data-based precision marketing

Log storage, offline scheduling and analysis by the book.

Cost-effective analysis of large amounts of data

High efficiency and low development costs when analyzing large numbers of logs.

Real-time data searching and analysis

The system responds to your search requests and returns the required information based on the tags in milliseconds.

User-friendly machine learning platform

If you provide precision marketing services, you know that revenue is heavily dependent on the quality of algorithm models.

Data Security Management

The data protection service can easily solve data security problems, accurately identify sensitive data and implement data classification with fine granularity. The service also identifies suspicious access behaviors and visually displays statistical information.

Sensitive data identification

Automatically identify sensitive data and use tags to classify the data based on your rules.

Sensitive data masking and presentation

Allows you to set data masking rules to mask the sensitive information during data presentation.

Risk monitoring of sensitive data operations

Visually monitor data distribution, usage, and exporting, use custom risk identification and auditing features.

Vadim Iljin
Vadim Iljin

My research interests include Security, SEO, OSINT and BI.