How to Identify Good vs. Bad Marketing Agencies

Learn how to identify good vs. bad marketing agencies with our guide. Make the right choice for your business

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Are you considering hiring a marketing agency but worried about making the wrong choice? It’s a valid concern, considering the amount of money people have spent on the wrong agencies over the years. In this article, we’ll list out some questions that can help you identify good vs. bad agencies, ensuring you make the right decision.

How complicated are the contracts?

One of the first things to consider is the complexity of the agency’s contracts. If they’re filled with legal jargon, it can be overwhelming and cause stress for the client. A straightforward contract is essential, and shackles are not. Make sure you understand everything before signing on the dotted line.

Are the pitches complex and take a lot of time?

The next thing to consider is the agency’s pitches. While it’s normal for pitches to be thorough, a complex, high-pressure presentation may not be necessary. If you’re experiencing an agency that has mastered the art of selling hard, ask yourself if you can afford all this. Don’t be tempted by a fancy office and wine & dine level pitches.

How many people are on the sales calls?

Following on from the pitch, consider whether you feel pressured during the sales call. You’re the customer, and you’re paying, so you shouldn’t feel like you’re being sold timeshares in Alabama. You’re looking for a partner, not an item.

Do they guarantee results?

It’s easy for an agency to give estimates, but it’s another thing to guarantee results. In most cases, if an agency is guaranteeing a certain level of profitability and success, there’s likely some kind of catch. Be wary of any agency that makes lofty promises without the data to back it up.

What is their pricing model?

Make sure you understand the agency’s pricing model. Are they making money from the fee, or are they making hidden money? Be aware of any additional costs or fees that may come up later.

Do they retain ownership & access to all the accounts, strategies, campaigns, and material they’ve built for you?

Make sure you retain ownership and control over all accounts, campaigns, deliverables, and materials. Trust your agency to do what they need to do, but ensure you have control over your campaign and data. You paid for it, so you should possess it.

Hiring the right marketing agency can make all the difference in your business’s success. Use these questions to help you identify good vs. bad agencies and make the right choice for your business. Remember, a straightforward contract, a non-pressure sales call, and specialist knowledge are essential for a successful partnership.

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